Hey. I’m Rachelle. Here’s a little more about me.

I’m a lifestyle and destination photographer currently based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, although I prefer to spend my time experiencing new places around the world, whether for myself or for my clients.

Being a photographer is simply the surface of who I am. I am an artist of many mediums, an immigrant, a lover of languages, traveling, and mountains. I get antsy if I’m in one place for too long and feel alive when watching the sun rise in sea air. I love being barefoot in grass, camping under sequoias on long road trips, reading for hours on a balcony, making tacos for my loved ones, and supporting my friends in their life endeavors.

I grew up in Europe and in my 22 years have moved to the California desert, Minnesota, and the rainforest of Costa Rica. Being an immigrant is one of my favorite things about myself'! It has opened my eyes to the world in ways I didn’t think were possible and helped me fall in love with the art of photography.


My Job

I love being the third wheel with couples, giggling behind my camera because they’re just too cute to handle. I love chasing waterfalls with my wedding clients and letting go of all our worries. I love finding the perfect location for a senior shoot, playing some tunes and letting the creativity take over. I love helping you feel like your true self in your skin, because it’s damn hard sometimes but we all deserve to be celebrated.

I love this job because it’s about more than just me. It’s about making visions come to life, about making people feel beautiful, confident, capable, and showing off this Earth we live on. It’s about making connections, lifelong friends, and going above and beyond for my clients.

I’m not the photographer for everyone, but I am here for those who are wild at heart, feel deeply, and want to create some magic. I strive to continue delivering work I am truly proud of, and I am so grateful for those who trust me to be their photographer.

Sound like we could be a good match?

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